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A little about Kevin and RCH

Here is a short story about RCH Construction and how Kevin started the company.

In the 1990’s Kevin found himself working for a property management company. On the side he began performing renovation work for several banks who had taken possession of homes through foreclosure. As he completed more and more projects he realized he enjoyed the work immensely and had a talent for managing the projects.

In the Westfield NJ area Kevin became a supervisor for a high-end residential remodeling company, where he worked for over 10 years.

A few years later he joined forces with Stan, already in residential remodeling himself, and the two of them prospered. Kevin found his knack for managing the projects even more invaluable, and as the business grew it became apparent he wanted to start his own business. What father doesn’t seek to enjoy more flexible hours and the ability to be involved with his children. In 2011 Kevin branched out and started RCH Construction.

There are a lot of important things that come into play when doing projects in your home. The two most important of them are location (which area of my home do I want to change and remodel) and budget.

Therefore, each and every aspect of your home remodeling has to be taken care of so you do not have regrets later. One of the most important aspects of your remodel is finding the right professional for the job. This is where the RCH Construction comes into play. Call us and see how we can make your home more beautiful! – Kevin Hand, President

Kevin has now eclipsed over 20 years with residential remodeling and still loves going to work each and every day.

Why are we called RCH?

Riley and Charley Hand are the motivation behind the RCH nameplate. Kevin’s wife, Gina, is a teacher in a specialized program, and also assists with the day to day office duties of owning a small business. You must check out her Facebook posts!
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