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The Platform Tub and other bathroom renovation tales

As far as home improvements go, remodeling your bathroom can provide some of the highest resale returns. Therefore, it important to research and plan your bathroom remodel and find the right contractor for the job (we suggest RCH Construction.)

When it comes to your budget, size matters!

The cost to remodel a bathroom is largely determined by the size of your bathroom and the “fixtures” you need to fit in your bathroom. Typical fixtures include faucets and plumbing fixtures, floor plan changes, new showers or baths, new flooring, countertops, cabinets, and lighting.

These all have different prices and options so it is important to consult your contractor and shop around before you buy.

Tub… YAY! or nay?

If you enjoy taking a long hot bath, keep the tub. If you have lived in your home for the past ten years, and your tub has become a dust and laundry collector, then consider getting rid of it. Focus on your preferences when making the decision. If you choose to eliminate the tub, focus on updating your shower.

What about my giant platform tub?

If you decide to keep the tub and are ready to upgrade, do your research. The old platform tubs with powerful jet sprays are being replaced with the sleek, sophisticated style of the free standing tub. Freestanding tubs make a very strong, visual statement and since a bathtub is usually large, it makes sense to make it a focal point.

Thinking about getting started?

Call in the experts! A full bathroom renovation is an integrated process that involves many different areas of expertise. At RCH Construction, we use experienced people in construction, plumbing, electrical, and lighting for each project’s location, budget, scope, and style.

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